10 Pack Heavy Duty Reusable Tarp Clips

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Why is it that high quality, simple home and recreational accessories seem so hard to come by? Xpose Safety works to challenge this status quo, and our tarp clips are no exception. Each clamp features a basic thumb screw and alligator-teeth design, augmented by the use of high-quality nylon plastic material that keeps our clips lightweight, affordable, and reliable at the same time. Ideal for a camping tarp shelter, covering the contents of a truck bed, outdoor privacy shades, covering windows, or indoor storage in a garage, marina, or hangar, our clips are designed to hold tight, resist the elements from sun to wind and rain, and bear-hug fabrics without tearing them apart over time.

Automotive, marine, aviation, or backyard sun and precipitation protection are all in a day's work for these long-lasting clips, useful for mounting as both temporary and more permanent fasteners. At half an inch in diameter, the utility clip hole in each grip holder integrates with bungee straps, ropes, wires, and tie-downs for use in applications ranging from privacy bed canopies to shop curtains and exterior boat protectors. They're also a great addition to your onboard boating hardware, subbing in for metal snaps in between trips to the shop. They can even be used to hold a flag to a flagpole temporarily, avoiding the need to put new grommets in a flag that spends most of its time on display elsewhere.

1. Twist the thumbscrew counterclockwise to open.
2. Insert canvas, cloth, tarp, camo webbing, or similar into the jaws and twist the thumbscrew clockwise to close.
3. Connect to rigging, stakes, or other anchor point.

For safety, test each grabber before placing it under stress. Not designed for use with a hammock, trampoline, or anything else that's intended to support the weight of a human body.