17 x27 Empty Sand Bags

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Unfilled Sandbags
Strong Woven Polypropylene Material
UV Protective Coating
Dustproof, Water and Oil Resistant
Sizes: 17" x 27".

Great for Outdoor, Industrial, and Home Use


When a natural disaster strikes, you need to keep your home and your loved ones safe from harm at all costs. Flooding is tough to predict and when it happens, it can leave homes and communities scrambling for assistance for weeks. Stay food prepared at all times with sand bags that will keep high levels of water barricaded so it won't penetrate into your property. Get a large supply and stack them up for the best possible safeguard you can get.

Each sand bag is made with polypropylene material, a form of plastic that is incredibly strong and durable for countless situations. They do the best jobs in situations of crises as they are reinforced with various resistances to allow for long-lasting ensured security. Dustproof, water and oil resistant, as well as coated to protect against UV light so it can withstand days out under intense sunlight without wearing.


Our bags are great for other less serious scenarios as well. Use them as weights to anchor camping tents, beach umbrellas, patio furniture and more. Perfect for photography studios to hold all kinds of stands and equipment in place, and also great for construction and industrial use, driveways, gardens, and much more!