20 X 3 1/8 RE Magnesium Hand Float-DuraSoft Handle

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MARSHALLTOWN Round End Magnesium Hand Floats are fully rounded to eliminate float marks when preparing your concrete surface for troweling. The magnesium blade material is durable, lightweight, and ensures a smoother finish than a Wooden Float. Choose a handle style and material between standard, round, or large round hardwood, comfortable DuraSoft®, or grippy DuraCork® to suit your preference. You can also pick your ideal blade length from a range of 12” to 24”. All variations of this concrete Hand Float are Made in the USA with Global Materials.
  • Fully rounded ends eliminate float marks
  • Magnesium blade material is durable and lightweight
  • Pick your preferred blade length, handle material, and handle style
  • All blades have a width of 3 ⅛”