2x4 Polymer Wet set Yellow ADA tile

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Replaceable, raised, truncated-dome pad can be pressed into freshly poured concrete to provide a tactile warning marking that the visually impaired can feel with their feet and tapping cane. Made of UV stabilized, high-impact polymer that is impact-, slip-, and wear-resistant. Includes factory-installed anchors.

TufTile® wet-set detectable warning tiles are UV stable polymer tiles. Made of advanced proprietary polymers, tiles will not bloom, crack, or fade. The flat-back design minimizes trapped air between the tile and concrete eliminating voids for water to collect. Engineered to endure high volume foot traffic, the molded in-line truncated domes provide a compliant transition from surrounding surfaces. The unique anchor design holds tiles and wedges securely to fresh concrete.


 Tile sizes also available: 2’x1’, 2’x2’, 2’x3’, 2’x4’, 2’x5’; Radius options 9R-70R; six colors.