Blue Glider - Round End

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Made from quality blue steel, MARSHALLTOWN Blue Gliders are best used after floating your concrete surface to ensure a fast application and smooth finish over large areas. This tool has C-Channel rivets along the blade for added strength and comes with a hardware package containing 2 bolt, 2 nuts, 2 lock washers, and 2 flat washers. Use this concrete Fresno Trowel with either a MARSHALLTOWN RotaLeveler™, Rock-It™, or “Twister” adjustable bracket and adapter. You have your choice between a round end or flat end Glider style, and a variety of blade lengths to best fit your needs. All variations of this concrete tool are Made in the USA with Global Materials.

Rapidly finish large concrete surfaces after floating
Blue steel blade material
Choose your preferred Glider end style and blade length
Use with any Adjustable Tilt Bracket
Tool comes with a hardware package: 2 bolts, 2 nuts, 2 lock washers, and 2 flat washers