DURA-SKRIM 20WW - 12' X 100'

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Size: 12' X 100'

poly sheet 20mil


Reinforced Poly Sheeting / DURA-SKRIM

DURA-SKRIM 2 and 10HUV consist of two sheets of highstrength polyethylene film laminated together with a third layer of molten polyethylene. A heavy-duty scrim reinforcement placed between these plies greatly enhances tear-resistance and increases service life. DURA-SKRIM’s heavy-duty diamond reinforcement responds to tears immediately by surrounding and stopping the tear. DURA-SKRIM 2 is used for temporary applications that require a lightweight yet highly tear-resistant film such as building enclosures and abatement applications. DURA-SKRIM 10HUV is used in applications that require good outdoor life and demand high puncture and tear strengths. The two outer layers of DURA-SKRIM 10HUV contain high concentrations of UV inhibitors and thermal stabilizers to assure added outdoor life up to approximately one year