Durajoint? Construction Sealant Hybrid Sealant/Adhesive (10.1 oz tube

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Description/Features: Durajoint® Construction Sealant/Adhesive is a one-component, low-modulus, moisture curing, advanced polymer adhesive and sealant. The product’s one component design ensures that it cures rapidly when exposed to atmospheric moisture to form a durable bond, and can be applied in a wide range of temperature and weather conditions (-40°F to 140°F). It is engineered to deliver aggressive adhesion with the most common construction substrates while ensuring complete compatibility – even with rubberized asphalt flashing and other flexible plastic building materials. These unique features make it a sealant of choice for professionals everywhere. Compatible with SBS flashing. Paintable in 2 hours. Solvent Free. Low VOCs.

Uses: Durajoint Construction Sealant/Adhesive can be used for a variety of applications beyond the adhesion of Durajoint Waterstops. Other applications include but are not limited to; roofing, siding, windows, doors, concrete & masonry, metal buildings, EFIS, HVAC, marble/granite, etc.

Directions for Use: Read and understand the technical data sheet completely before beginning installation. Always do a test area to ensure product satisfaction and to become familiar with the proper application techniques.

Surface Preparation: The substrate must be clean, frost free, and free of any oils/greases to incompatible sealers that may interfere with adhesion. Do not apply if surface is contaminated.

Application: Cut nozzle to desired bead size. Apply with caulking gun, forcing Durajoint Construction Sealant/Adhesive onto the substrate. Tool if necessary.

Clean-Up: Clean Excess material with mineral spirits or similar solvent.

Curing: Under normal conditions (70°F, 50%RH) material cures at roughly ¼” per 24 hours. The higher the humidity and temperature, the faster the cure.

Limitations: Do not apply over damp or contaminated surfaces. Always utilize the SDS for information on PPE and health hazards.

Storage/Shelf Life: Be sure to rotate inventory. Material must be stored under controlled/dry environment (below 75°F). Use cartridges within 10 months from date of manufacture.

Specifications: Conforms to the requirements for ASTM C-920 Type STTS-0230C, Grade NT, Class 25

Skin Time Less than 20 minutes @ 77°F / 50% RH

Tack Free Time Less than 1 hour @ 77°F / 50% RH

Cure Rate 1/4” Bead per 24 Hrs.

VOC 9 g/L (0.14%)

Elongation @ Break 300% - 400%

Shore A 35 +/- 5

Movement Capacity 25%

Lap Shear 190

psi Tensile Strength 205 psi

Staining None

Low Temp. Flexibility Retained as Low as -90°F

High Temp. Flexibility Retained as High as 425°F

Modulus of Elasticity; Internal / Modified ASTM D412 1.24 N/mm

Sag/Slump; Internal/modified ASTM D2202 Minimal; ~ 0

UV Rating; Internal No discoloration or change in appearance after 12 months of UV.