Poly Tarp

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Made with High Quality Polyethylene Material
5 Mil Thick
Waterproof, Shrink-Proof, Rust Resistant
Reinforced Poly Rope Sewn-In
UV Treated for Guarding Against Sun
Rust Proof Aluminum Grommets Every 3 Feet and On Each Corner
Covers Cars, Boats, Motorcycles, Roofs, Lawns, Barbecue Grills, Benches, and More!
Available in More than 40 Sizes!
CUT SIZE: Finished Size Is Approximately 6" or 3%-5% Smaller


Inclement weather already ruins enough of your day, don't let it ruin your precious items! With our Poly Brown Tarps, you are keeping your belongings in the utmost care and protection from any severe damage heavy precipitation may cause. Each tarp is 5mil thick of sheer quality polyethylene material with heavily reinforced seams so no harmful substance can penetrate them. They are also built with sturdy, rust-resistant, aluminum grommets on each corner and 3 feet apart so you can tie them down with rope for even more security against heavy winds!