MQ Vibr Assy.,1.50" Head, 6.3' Length 115V

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1.50" (38mm) Head and 4.9' (1.5m) Shaft

UM series vibrators are ideal for concrete slump conditions of 3" or more.

  • Lightweight aluminum motor case for easy portability
  • Durable 120V universal motor
  • Vibration dampening handle reduces operator fatigue
  • Sealed fan greatly reduces airborne contamination
  • Double insulated for no ground necessary


Unit Specifications
Amps @120V: 3.8A
Watts 280W
Heads 1.5in 38mm
Amplitude 0.03in 0.77mm
Frequency 200-258Hz 12,000-15,500VPM

Dimensions & Weights
Shaft Length 4.9ft 1.5m
Overall Length 6.3 ft 1.9 m

Motor Weight 6.6 lb 3 kg
Shaft Head Weight 7.5 lb 3.4 kg
Total Weight 14.11lb 6.4 kg